Victrix Armaments Scorpio MilLe

Victrix Armaments Rifles Are incredible!  the Scorpio could possible be its no.1...

This rifle is poised to compete with the likes of Accuracy International and other high-end European precision rifles in the same price range. Excels as a long-range rifle, so whether you’re shooting targets or work in the police or sercurity services. This rifle excels as a long-range platform.

The SCORPIO MILLE features many high end components including full aluminium chassis system.

If you’re in need of a dedicated long-range rifle, make sure you put the Victrix Armaments Scorpio at the top of your list.


  • Make: Victrix Rome
  • Model: Scorpio
  • Type: Bolt Action
  • Cal: 300 WM
  • Twist: 1/10
  • Year: 2019
  • Barrel Length: Match Grade 26” Screw Cut
  • Bolt: Asymmetric 3 lug Bolt
  • Muzzle Brake: Detachable
  • Weight: 7050gr
  • Dimensions: 1020 Min/1290mm Max
  • Folding Stock with speed button
  • Multi Adjustable stock
  • Tripod Attachment Locator on handle
  • Helicopter Sniper Rod attachment
  • Top Rail 20 Moa
  • Optical Ellipt Forend
  • Hard Case

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